N2O Leash Progressive Controller
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FYI!! These do not include, use or need the single stage relay boards anymore. 


We redesigned them to not need it and simplify installation even more. 



New Color options available at the bottom. Look at pics to see colors available. Controller comes standard in bare billet now.

WE just updated this controller 2-9-18. The controller now has the ability to control the nitrous and

fuel solenoids separately for those wanting fine tuning. 

New Leash Electronics Single Stage Progressive controller. Features: Extremely easy to program, wire and setup. Nice large lcd screen. Very small and lightweight. Billet Aluminium housings. Looks AWESOME! 80MZ microprocessor for extremely accurate calculations. High current drivers to drive any solenoids. Separate timer with 12volt output used for triggering auxiliary relays or retards. Nitrous percentages programmable from 0-100%. 1-3 programmable ramps can be used sequentially. High electrical noise immunity. Programmable solenoid hertz. 

 *** if Inventory shows backordered. This means item can be ordered and may take 2-4 weeks to build. Build time varies and is based on leash electronics website***

  • Item #: N20SSLEASH
  • Manufacturer: leash electronics

N2O Leash Progressive Controller

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